Episode Zero of Talking Through My Hat

Show Notes


Hello and welcome to the very first episode of Talking Through My Hat, a podcast by Bowler Hat Radio, where you can Tune In and Tune Up Your English. My name is David Munro, and  I’m coming to you from Vancouver, Canada, where we are celebrating the 152nd anniversary of the founding of Canada. Happy Canada Day! 

A podcast for intermediate (B1+) learners

And thank you so much for joining me! I will be your congenial host as we explore all things about learning and teaching English as a second or additional language. This will be a regular podcast, and will include news,  opinions, stories, and interviews on topics related to learning English around the world, as well as about life in Canada, especially for newcomers. Each show will also have show notes which will include a description of the main topics, a vocabulary list of the most important words and phrases, and other materials such as graphic organisers to keep you on track. Think of it as sort of an audio coursebook, with a different theme for each unit and activities designed to reinforce key vocabulary and useful phrases. But instead of a printed book which quickly goes out of date, this will be an ongoing, dynamic conversation with speakers of English from all backgrounds, and hopefully, with you! 

Improve listening skills for IELTS CELPIP Cambridge

So let me tell you a little bit more about myself, and what the show is all about. As I said, my name is David Munro, and I have been teaching English to learners of all ages and backgrounds for thirty years. I have also been a certified Speaking Examiner for Cambridge English Exams, as well as a Speaking and Writing Examiner for both IELTS and CELPIP. I have also written and developed instructional materials, course curricula, and practice test materials for several schools and testing agencies, and I have just recently launched my own online English teaching website–and of course, this podcast! 

I have always loved languages, and have studied French, Japanese, and a tiny bit of Spanish. I am also fascinated by language, thought, and culture and the way they interact. And as my students quickly find out, I love food and music–and could spend all day talking about both!

Make connections while improving your English

And I love teaching–I love meeting people from countries  all over the world–Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Switzerland, France, Argentina, Taiwan, just to name a few–and I enjoy watching students learn from each other and make connections and life-long friends. And that’s what I want to continue doing with this podcast–make connections, and share learners’ experiences around the world. So be sure to respond and let me know what you think–send me an email at bowlerhatradio@gmail.com, or visit my website at www.bowlerhatradio.ca. Sign up for my email list, and have your say in the direction the show takes–let me know what topics interest you, and how I can help you improve your English skills. 

What does Talking Through My Hat mean?

You might be wondering, why the silly name? Why Bowler Hat Radio? And what does Talking Through My Hat even mean? 

Well, the idea for the name of my website came to me a long time ago, when I first started thinking about setting up my own business. When I was a Cambridge Exams Centre manager here in Vancouver, I used to wear a bowler hat as kind of a gimmick; a way of standing out from the crowd. People liked it, and it sort of became my thing.

Talking Through My Hat, on the other hand, is a phrase meaning to talk nonsense, or to ramble on with no idea of what you’re talking about. Well, I hope that isn’t what this show will be like, but it’s a pretty great name nonetheless, don’t you think? 

So that’s it for now–thank you so much for listening, and keep in touch! If you like the show, encourage your friends to tune in, and visit my website, www.bowlerhatradio.ca and sign up for my email list. Toodle-loo!

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