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David Munro, owner of Bowler Hat Radio

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About me

Hi! My name is David, and I’m an English teacher and podcaster from Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been teaching for thirty years and I’ve taught all kinds of courses in general English, English for Academic Purposes, exam classes such as Cambridge and IELTS, and more. I have also taught high-school level English, Social Studies, and Japanese language.

My first teaching job was in Niigata, Japan, where I lived for three years. After that, I moved back to Vancouver, where I got my TESL certificate and my Bachelor of Education. I was a high school teacher for about four years, and then became a full time ESL teacher. In addition, I have also worked as a Cambridge Speaking Examiner, an IELTS Speaking and Writing Examiner, and a CELPIP Speaking and Writing Rater.

About Bowler Hat Radio

I first got the idea for an online ESL consulting business about 10 years ago when I was a stay-at-home dad. Mostly, I wrote exam practice materials and teaching resources. Then I became interested in podcasting as a way of reaching English language learners. Podcasting seemed ideal, since the content is always fresh and relevant. It’s also the perfect way to tell real-life stories using everyday English spoken by everyday people. With this and online lessons via Zoom, Bowler Hat Radio offers a unique method of training and support to help you achieve your language goals.

Improve pronunciation and fluency

Books and movies can certainly help you improve,  but if you truly want to learn a language, you have to use it. Use it, or lose it! Of course, the best way to learn English is to live and study in an English-speaking country; however, not everyone can do this. Online lessons via Zoom can be a very effective alternative. You can practice in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for you, one-to-one with a teacher who can give you expert feedback and encouragement. I can help you identify aspects of pronunciation that may be challenging for you, and show you strategies that are effective and fun to help you master the sounds and rhythms of English. All lessons are recorded and are available at no extra charge, so you can review them any time.

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I'm an English teacher and podcaster from Vancouver, Canada.

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Learning a language is an investment of time and money. You’ve done your research, and you’ve tried other methods. Maybe some of them have worked up till now, maybe some of them haven’t. But now you’re ready to take the next step–why not let me help you? I have 30 years of language teaching experience, and I have helped many learners of all ages achieve their¬† language goals. Contact me to book a free Language Check-up. Tune in and tune up your English with Bowler Hat Radio!



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