About David R Munro

Creator and host of “Talking Through My Hat”


“Talking Through My Hat” is a podcast that brings you stories for, about, and by users of English as an additional language.

Experienced language teacher

I have taught English as a Second Language to learners of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities for thirty years.

I have also taught Japanese as a Modern Language elective in high schools in Vancouver, BC

Examinations specialist


IELTS Speaking Examiner and Writing Examiner


CELPIP Speaking Rater and Writing Rater

CELPIP Instructional Products Writer

Cambridge English

Cambridge Speaking Examiner, B1 B2 C1 PET FCE CAE CPE BEC

Cambridge English Exams Centre Manager

Online English Tutor

I offer one-to-one coaching for English exam preparation via Zoom.

More about me here:

David R Munro